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[06 Apr 2005|07:53pm]
[ mood | calm ]

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I'm gonna start including music on here...and it'll be optional. IE because LJ free accounts don't let you have BG music. Oh well, that's a good song. Anyway, TcV2 didn't come today, and I've kept my tams on pause since tonight is going to be a busy night.


Well [05 Apr 2005|07:41pm]
My TCV2 didn't come today. Dang, and I found a box in the mailbox but it was an ACDC cup for my mom...still pretty nifty. But I didn't get my gotch. Ah well, I'm writing a log after a few levels of Klonoa 2, and Mimitchi is brushing his teeth and Memetchi is taking a bath....I stupidly fed Mimi a snack earlier because I needed to get on with my game. Oh well, he's fine. I'm taking god awful care of my p2....I guess I'll probably get Masukutchi or Kutchipatchi. My ocean is *still* Kuragetchi. I'm actually pausing my older tams like ocean and p2 and not resetting the time as not to age them, so it's like 10:45 on their clock as it is 7:45 on mine. That's all I've--ah, Kuragetchi just got attacked-----that's all I've got. My TcV2 better be here tomorrow. Please?

April. [03 Apr 2005|06:30pm]
I'm going to name my first tama on my v2 April. I just got the idea because it's a pretty name and I was talking to Jon and he asked when I was going to have a garage sale at our house and, well....April. So April it is :)

And by the way: Mimitchi says hi.

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I won [03 Apr 2005|02:23pm]
I won the auction for a Lilac with rectangley Greek maze swirls v2 Connexion! Whoot. Well, I paid 25 bucks for it and I didn't want to....but eh, I got one. They're a lot less retail, but I don't feel like waiting until May. It'd be really ironic if shipping was messed and I didn't get the darned thing until May.

My mother rolled her eyes on me and said it was ridiculous but she still let me get it. So I'm happy.

On a sadder note, while my mom was helping me with my cash card, Ocean beeped at me for food and games, and I quickly fed him food and snacks to quickly silence him and now I feel horrible. Bad idea. He started to die in about 5 minutes, ironically, even making more noise. Poor little guy. He was 3, just a little Kuragetchi.

One minute away. [03 Apr 2005|09:12am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Well, I put Young Mimitchi Navi to bed last night. I awoke him this morning and the minute I did he changed into...Mimitchi! Whoooop. Well, I was outbid on the clear pink so I bid on a red one with little arrows on it. I also bid on a 2 dollar pink one. Mimitchi and Memetchi decided to play some games, all of which Mimitchi won...and then Meme gave Mimi a flower, and Mimitchi then returned the gift with a poop! He then gave Memetchi another flower though. Hehe.


First Log. [02 Apr 2005|10:27pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Here I am. Right now I have a US Ocean, Connection pink with hearts, Connection purple with swirls, and blue p2 going. All are asleep...well Pyxis the Memetchi on pink is paused because I fast forwarded him so I could see what character I got so I could try and edit caretaking to get Mimitchi on purple. All are asleep/paused except Navi the Young Mimitchi on the purple. The others are Kuragetchi and TonMarutchi.

I want Ellen to give me her OsuMesu pair and Umi No and the special edition chinese p2s. She doesn't even use them. She won't give them to me or even sell them to me because "she doesn't like lending out her things." She doesn't even use them. It's highly annoying.

Also, I bid on a clear pink Connexion V2. Along with shipping it will come out to 15 dollars exactly. I wish I could have saved at least a buck, but oh well.

I'm waiting for Navi to change.....He has all his disciplines plus the three extras, and I'm waaiiiting.....*waits*


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